One of the parts of the program that was most valuable for me was the distinction between needs and objectives.

John Baird

It got me to think more deeply about my characters and their motivations.

Jenn Hopkins

I thought the whole approach/methodology was insightful. But Improv was a great tool for clarity.

Chris Snow

It helped me out a lot. I understood the development of the character. It helped me realize stereotypical characters to avoid.
Theresa Burciaga

It added more punch and took the relationships to a deeper level. The relationships were more productive for the storyline.

Ilene Ruvinsky

Sceneplay did a GREAT job! In their hands, scenes suddenly came to life. Pages of earnest dialogue transformed into vital, personal moments. Instead of characters self-consciously speaking the story’s theme, the theme was revealed naturally through action. The whole process gave writers new possibilities and a more authentic place to draw from.

John Jacobsen

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