I still think your workshop...was one of the greatest things to happen to my writing; it had me seeing the written word in ways that opened up new and creative horizons. Thanks.

Jill Hoven

It was very well structured. The improvisation was magical. The actors really worked with character motivations and goals and took them to another level.

JoAnne Edwards

All four performers were terrific and I loved everyone's instincts, knowledge and professionalism.  I felt I learned a lot, not just about how to improve my scene but how to make my screenplay better over all.

Karen Walton-Rolls

A storyboard of the scene was perhaps the most surprising and useful tool! It was absolutely inspiring!

Olesia Shewchuk

"Discover the scene secrets that Hollywood script readers don't know and writing teachers can't teach you."

Finally, a simple, step-by-step program for writing powerful, emotionally-charged scenes. Every time.

You know that feeling. You get it every time you sit down to write. That familiar sensation gnaws at the pit of your stomach – a tingling mix or fear, anticipation and dread. A dread that comes from facing

a blank page.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first script or your twenty-first. It doesn’t seem to help that you’ve read a dozen books and taken half a dozen classes. You can follow the hero’s journey, use a sequence approach or lay out 22 steps. You can plan a diabolically clever inciting incident, rich character back stories and a flawless ending. It won’t matter. You’ll still ask yourself the inevitable question...

What am I going to write?

Why? Because it turns out scripts aren’t written 110 pages at a time. They’re written line by line, beat by beat, scene by scene. Even with solid framing already in place you still have to build your story one brick at a time.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you do that?

At Sceneplay, we can. Our focus is on one thing – creating great scenes. We can show you how to make them strong, incisive and evocative. They won’t just enliven your script; each scene will carry the story on its back and drive the action forward.

" I just wanted to say that the process was invaluable. I learned so much about what's strong about my script, and more importantly, its many shortcomings. This is something I would recommend for all aspiring screenwriters. "

John Baird, Writer

What’s more, we’ll show you how to master a blank page. You’ll have a step-by-step process to layout your scene; have your characters working hard, in ways that are unexpected. We’ll show you how, in a few short pages, you can reveal character, create dynamic relationships, and keep the story in irretrievable motion. All the while making sure one moment builds naturally on the next until your story isn’t just working—it’s tight, organic, and whole.  

So, what’s the secret? How can Sceneplay do what others can’t?

There's nothing theoretical about what we do. Our techniques come straight from handing scripts to professional actors, directors, and storyboard artists. Using a proprietary process honed from working hundreds of scenes, we quickly and efficiently cut to the heart of any story.

"I was so impressed with how both of you zeroed in on the key elements in our scenes, blocked the action, defined the characters' goals, gave them the freedom to improvise, and isolated the areas that needed the most attention."

Joyce  Simons, Writer

A while ago we realized that there was one crucial thing that every aspiring screenwriter must have but almost never gets: a chance to see your work. Isn’t odd that you’re writing for a performance medium yet your words never leave the page? In fact, as a writer you’re often locked out of the production – the very process that would allow you to make quantum leaps in your story telling ability.

There’s just no substitute for experience. Notes from producers and script doctors may be necessary and useful, but the best feedback comes from seeing your words brought to life. The simple truth is...

You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Sceneplay makes the invisible, visible. We’ve taken the same successful process we use for producers and opened it up as a seminar for writers. We show you your story. We put it on its feet and make it grow stronger right in front of your eyes. In just two days, you'll discover how to turn good scenes into great ones as we reveal our step-by-step method.

" I was very impressed with the presentation and the professionalism of the actors. Watching another writer’s work was valuable, but there was something very thrilling and accessible and embarrassing in watching my own scene. With the direction it became clear that every scene boils down to what the characters want. It’s one of the questions I’ll ask myself every time I write now. It was a pleasure working with you and getting such valuable feedback on my writing! "

Olesia Shewchuk, Writer


The heart of Sceneplay is real people fighting for real stakes. It’s visceral and immediate. Story becomes physical. You won’t just listen to endless hours of lecture. You’ll learn through experience what’s working, what’s not, and how to make your scene hum. Instead of endless lists of tips and tricks, you’ll watch example after example of professional actors and directors working scenes. Nearly half the seminar hours will be devoted to applying Sceneplay’s proven techniques until each scene is taut and powerful.

We read the scene, block it out, stage it.  And that's just the beginning.

Then we pull out the core of the scene and work a process we've developed of highly structured improvisation.  We find the heart of the scene, its purpose, the major drivers. Then we look for possibilities inherent in the script but hidden from view.  When we've identified all that, we layer it back into the scene so your script works three times harder than when you brought it.

And it's not just the scene that gets better.  Scenes are inextricably linked to the arc of your story. Improve one part, and you improve the entire story.

"I thought initially that my scene was pretty good. I thought it was the strongest scene in my script, but once you and the actors started working on it I realized that the scene was missing something, was flat. The actors made the scene really pop right off the bat. In the end, I did implement the basic principals presented in the working of the scene throughout the rest of the character’s development. It sent the story and the character into whole new direction which made the story much more compelling. "

Dannul Dailey, Writer

When we’re done, we'll underscore the lessons and show you how to use them to make your scenes the driving force behind your story.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

  • The powerful secret to putting conflict into every scene
  • How to choreograph conflict to engage your audience
  • The one thing you need to know to make your characters come alive in a scene
  • How to make writing easier by letting your characters guide you
  • How to make your scenes crackle with physical energy
  • Where great lines come from and how to create them at will
  • The one quality every director looks for in your scenes
  • How to use relationship to create more complex characters
  • The first thing to identify when writing any scene
  • The simple tool actors and directors use to build powerful scenes
  • How to create unstoppable momentum between scenes
  • The one acting technique every writer must know
  • How put the hidden structure of scenes to work for you
  • A step-by-step, repeatable process for crafting great scenes

If you sign up soon, there's even an opportunity to have your scene worked as part of the seminar.  Writers whose scenes are chosen will also get:

  • A half hour phone consultation with the directors
  • A director's analysis of the scene
  • A symbolic image analysis
  • Key storyboard panels of the scene before and after it’s worked
  • A seated table read-through of the scene as written
  • A rough stumble-through of the scene as written
  • Improvisation of key moments and generation of new material
  • Recommendations for rewriting
  • A DVD recording of your scene being worked
" I still think your workshop...was one of the greatest things to happen to my writing; it had me seeing the written word in ways that opened up new and creative horizons. Thanks."

Jill Hoven, Writer

There’s never been an opportunity like this before. What would it cost you to gather a crew, cast actors, find a storyboard artist and hire a director? Instead of spending thousands of dollars, sign up now and you can have the benefits of a professionally worked scene for the cost of a seat at a seminar.

100% Money back guarantee!  

We’re so confident that this will be the best seminar you’ve ever attended that we’re offering a full money back guarantee. Just let us know by 4:00pm on the first day of the seminar and we’ll refund every penny of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Don’t face the blank page alone. Let Sceneplay help you create the story you’ve always wanted line by line, beat by beat, scene by scene.

To register for the seminar click here.

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