Irresistible Pitching: How to Attract a Frenzy of Read Requests


Get the incredible Pitch Frenzy System from two working screenwriters who recently got three Hollywood deals in 10 days.  These master pitchmen statistically average one read request every time they sit down for a meeting at a pitch fest.


With their consistent, reliable, and repeatable system , you’ll discover:

  • A new way to think about pitching that turns every pitch fest into a request frenzy
  • How to get readers to start saying yes and keep saying yes throughout the pitch
  • The secret 6 step formula for pitching that makes it almost impossible not to get a read request
  • The surprising goal you have at a pitch fest that’s killing your chances for a read
  • The single biggest turn-off to readers at a pitch fest
  • How long to make your pitch
  • How to handle interruptions and questions
  • What to do to before you even enter the pitching floor
  • How to put the ball in your court to get the reader’s contact information
  • How to follow up and not fall through the cracks

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I still think your workshop...was one of the greatest things to happen to my writing; it had me seeing the written word in ways that opened up new and creative horizons. Thanks.

Jill Hoven

It was very well structured. The improvisation was magical. The actors really worked with character motivations and goals and took them to another level.

JoAnne Edwards

All four performers were terrific and I loved everyone's instincts, knowledge and professionalism. I felt I learned a lot, not just about how to improve my scene but how to make my screenplay better over all.

Karen Walton-Rolls

A storyboard of the scene was perhaps the most surprising and useful tool! It was absolutely inspiring!

Olesia Shewchuk

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