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What’s it like to work on four Hollywood scripts at once? Is development really hell? When do you have time to write?

We figured if we wanted to know, you might too.  It’s hard to believe, but we talked screenwriters Geof Miller and Troy Hunter into stealing moments away from writing scripts to write tweets instead.

Starting today, the boys will tweet regularly from the Sceneplay account. Just follow @sceneplayco on Twitter to get exclusive updates on their adventures in Hollywood. With four deals in the pipeline there’s always something cool happening!

The trouble is with so many scripts, treatments, and ideas in the mix it can get confusing.  So we’ve put together a legend below to help you keep track of the various projects.  We’ll update it as things change.  And, sorry, but producer names are deliberately kept quiet.

  1. HA – Henry Allgood Must Die
  2. FD – Fear the Day
  3. KR – Untitled Mystery Thriller
  4. MM – Mac & Martin Take America
  5. IN – Untitled feature (idea)
  6. SM – Untitled hour-long TV drama (idea)
  7. RV –  Paid writing assignment for biography adaptation (updated 2/14/13)

To keep things interesting, we’ll also offer live Q&A sessions that will only be available on Twitter. Plus you’ll get advance notice of events and special deals on their Irresistible Pitching Process.

So, come on over and get a look inside what it’s like to write and pitch in Hollywood.

Keep writing!

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I still think your workshop...was one of the greatest things to happen to my writing; it had me seeing the written word in ways that opened up new and creative horizons. Thanks.

Jill Hoven

It was very well structured. The improvisation was magical. The actors really worked with character motivations and goals and took them to another level.

JoAnne Edwards

All four performers were terrific and I loved everyone's instincts, knowledge and professionalism. I felt I learned a lot, not just about how to improve my scene but how to make my screenplay better over all.

Karen Walton-Rolls

A storyboard of the scene was perhaps the most surprising and useful tool! It was absolutely inspiring!

Olesia Shewchuk

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