I felt I learned a lot, not just about how to improve my scene but how to make my screenplay better over all.

Karen Walton-Rolls

I knew my scene wasn't working as well as it should...bringing the conflict to the forefront was like the magic key. I feel like I now know how to rewrite it to not only advance the story, but also to propel the surrounding scenes forward. Very exciting stuff...

Joyce Simons

With Sceneplay I saw a key character evolve from passive suitcase to an engaging and dynamic driver of the scene. The process significantly deepened his relationship with the second key character, enriched the entire script and made the scene do three times the work in the same number of pages. In short, the writing went from okay to brilliant in less than an hour.

Geof Miller
Producer, Development Consultant

"Write powerful scenes that transform your story and sell your script."

Great scenes are the building blocks of great stories. They get your script read, make your story compelling and memorable; and attract talent to your project... when they're done well.

If you'd like to learn a simple, effective and consistent way to write killer scenes that improve your whole story, Sceneplay can help.

Be sure to take advantage of our FREE Special Report and our FREE SceneZine. Both will give you field-tested techniques that show you how to triple the impact of every scene you write.

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